Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Office Needs

Darla has a new job!!  And along with it, new home office needs.  We had a consultation and decided on some homework; purchase more shelving, a few extra storage boxes and an additional work space.  

Because Darla's book collection had outgrown her current shelving we wanted to add more cube shelves.  Unfortunately, her particular shelves are no longer manufactured in her colour..ARG!  

So, rather than adding to the cubes, I chose instead to replace this unit which was not utilizing a maximum amount of space.   

This new unit has more room and the colour fits in with the existing shelves.

The extra storage boxes got used to hide some work items that needed new homes.  I sorted one category of books and moved them over to provide more space on the cubes.  And all the work binders, folders, etc. are also on this new unit.

The old cube shelves...

now have more space for the book collection to grow.  We also physically moved them over toward the wall with the new unit.

Darla's desk was outgrowing her needs.  

So, we sorted through everything on her work space and kept only what she wanted within arm's reach.   We moved her filing cabinet to the space that was left from moving the cube shelves, and we moved the whole desk over as well.   

And in the spot where the filing cabinet had been...

we now had enough room to add more work space.  This great little table from Kijiji was a steal!

Finally, we tackled the closet. 

We purged what we could and resorted and made sure that homes for items were practical and easy to maintain.

And now, every single, solitary item has a place.  And Darla...has a pretty space.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Jewellery Frame

I keep seeing these great jewellery frames around, so when Kristin gave me an empty white frame, I decided it was time for a DIY.

Now I need to just explain here, that when I use the term "Do It Yourself", the "Yourself" may not actually mean ME.  It includes my mom, dad, husband, sister...really anyone I can convince to help me out.  

This is where I had been storing my jewellery - two china containers on my bathroom counter.

And this is where I store it now.

My dad cut a board to fit inside the frame and stapled on the fabric I had chosen.  My husband attached the knobs I bought and smaller frames that I had painted.  Then he secured the whole thing inside the large white frame.  Oh, and he hung it for me.

I made sure to measure my necklaces so that I could place the knobs with enough room for the jewellery to hang within the frame.

I used the smaller frames to create interest and definition.

Stick pins hang charms for my favourite necklace.

I'm loving the finished product!  Thanks Dad and Dino!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bedroom Redo and a Baby Shelf

The Scott's are pretty busy at their house.  New baby on the way...major house reno about to start...and a bedroom redo for their son.  With the speed of light they emptied his room and painted over the red walls. We had a little consult and decided where the furniture should go.

They put up a loft bed,

hung shelves,

and utilized some storage from a different room.

Today I got to come in and pretty it up.  All the cars got stored on the tall wire shelf.

Books and toys went on the new shelving units.  The L-shaped configuration leaves lots of floor space to play.  It also created a little secret hideaway where I stored the Nerf gun and bullets. Baskets hold toys with lots of pieces as well as hide some miscellaneous items.  The paint cans have been used to store toys in here for years.  So cute - and an easy, inexpensive storage container.

I arranged keepsakes nice and high and then lighter toys that wouldn't stress wall mounted shelving are hidden in baskets lower down.  Big bins of lego are tucked out of the way.

We hung up this super cool map to finish it all off.


New baby is gonna be living in Mom and Dad's room when she arrives until the house reno is done. But of course she needs her own closet!  I suggested using this shelf tucked away behind the door to house her needs.

I moved the top shelf down so we could add a bar for hanging adorable little dresses.   Organizing at Jen's is a dream because she has a tonne of storage options.  Every container here was already in her house.  I used the big baskets on top to store clothing bigger than 6 months size.  The white bins with lids hold wash clothes and diaper shirts - both items new mom's don't have time to fold! The wipes and change pad fit on the narrow shelf.  Diapers will go in the big dark basket.  Sleepers are organized by size and lay easily accessible in the other white storage boxes.  And on the bottom, I stored blankets in one basket and crib sheets in the other.

 Just cannot WAIT to hold that baby!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Spring

As promised, we will now discuss what can be done to put a little Spring in your home even if you don't have bins full of decor stored in your basement.

1.  I like to take all my cozy warm throws that I've had out all winter, roll them up and put them in a container in my living room.  That same container has a few lighter colour, lighter weight blankets which I switch them out for.

 2.  Plants.  Greenery goes a long way in saying "Spring!".  I am a plant killer, so I tend to go for artificial.


These little boots were a Mother's Day gift one year and I love putting them out each Spring.

If you are a green thumb, then there are tonnes of sweet little plants out during early Spring that you can easily bring into your home.  I bought this pot on a recent trip and searched for a geranium to plant in it.  I was a bit early though and ended up with this little guy.  I am loving him!  Every so often I wander in and find him dead...passed out completely.  So I pop him under the tap and squirt some water in and within an hour, he is back to his perky self!  So handy!!  And a touch of pink is a great way to say Spring!

3.  Flowers.  Tulips and daffodils are so inexpensive right now and look beautiful.  They last quite awhile too.

Or you can find lots of great artificial bouquets as well.  Use your Michael's 40% off coupon!

4.  Pillows.  Remember at Christmas we put a pop of red on the couch?  Now I've added a cute little floral number.

Green stripey for the chair.

Okay, okay.  I know.  You don't have a million pillows in storage.  But if you do have pillows on your furniture, then covering them is so easy.  Believe me, I can sew straight lines only, but all you need are 3 straight lines, pop the pillow in some new cute fabric, and then either sew it up - or if that is beyond you, be creative.  Use kilt pins to close the end up.  Or just tuck it shut.  You can also buy pre-made pillow covers.

5.  Curtains can really change the look of a room.  I keep my doors to my deck covered with brown corduroy all winter to keep the cold air out.  But in Spring I switch them out with sheer white curtains.  They came with our last house so they were free and have been so useful!  It is amazing what sheers can do to pull your house out of Winter mode.

Now I'm not telling you that you must do all of this - unless you are willing to store a bin or two - but a pillow here, a plant there, a couple of bouquets and your house will pop into the season in no time.

I will leave you with my latest Spring acquisition.  I have always wanted some blue eggs but never see any affordable ones.  Big yay to Homesense for these cuties - and for this adorable little urn in exactly my favourite colour.  

Happy Spring Everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Well, that may be sort of wishful thinking considering the amount of snow on the ground still, but Spring HAS sprung in my friend Jen's house.  She has a whole load of adorable decor for Spring (and every other season) and the other day I got to go over and decorate.  Check it out!

I started in the living room, moving an empty shelf in from the dining room and dedicating it to Spring only.

The top of the shelf.

Both side tables got some Spring treatment.

And the coffee table got a little vignette corralled in a tray.

On to the kitchen.  First I decked out the cupboards (after a purge and rearranging of the dishes).

Then the island got a little shot of fun.  Is that bunny not the cutest stand you ever saw?

In the dining room I set up a little table and chair set,

added a tray to a side table,

and then decked out the china cabinet.

Finally, the hallway got some fun 3D eggs.

I am the luckiest girl around to have the opportunity to decorate with so much cute stuff!  

Okay, yes.  I am hearing you.  It is possible that we do not all get to walk down to our basements and bring up several bins of Spring stuff.  But we still want to achieve that fresh, Winter is over feeling.  So, stay tuned for some tips on how to add a little Spring without breaking the budget. (Not that Jen did...she is a brilliant shopper!)