Thursday, March 14, 2013

45 Minute Refresh

Sometimes we don't bother freshening up a room or space because we think we just don't have the time.

The other day, Darla and I rearranged her living room and reorganized her linen closet in under 45 minutes.

Here is her living room before and after.  

 There was nothing wrong with the before, but it's fun to change things up sometimes.  Darla told me that she remembers coming home from school after her mom had rearranged their living room and how excited she was.  I love that!  I want my kids to have fun memories like that.

And it always feels nice to tidy up a space and make it more functional.  Especially when it only takes minutes.  We were able to purge some items out of the linen closet to give it some room to breathe.


In other news, I found THE most amazing frames the other day.  The huge one was 10 bucks which is crazy cheap for that size, the smaller was 6 and that little mirror with the towel rail was just such a cutie find!  
I planned to use the big frame as a chalkboard but that picture is really growing on me!  

I am headed to the States soon so maybe I will find some fun stuff there.  Foreign cast offs just seem so appealing!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Ways to Refresh a Room

I had the great pleasure recently of working with Nancy, a client who asked me to refresh a few of her already lovely rooms.  

There are a few easy ways to add life to a space:
Plants - whether you choose real or some attractive artificial, every room should have some green!
Trays - use to add colour, corral items or add focus.
Pillows and blankets - help make a room more cozy and lived in.
Rearrange - sometimes the smallest change in the angle of a couch or chair makes all the difference.

Let's have a look!


After - added a tray and plant.


After with pillows and a throw and a decorative box to store the remotes.


After with a new plant on the plant stand and a tray to highlight the tea set.


After - chairs repositioned and tables removed.


After - a slight change to the couch's position and a tray added .

A plant, runner and flowers leave the dining room looking polished.

Plants, trays, pillows, blankets and rearranging.  None of these ideas are new, but sometimes that's all it takes to refresh a space.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Spring

 Spring has sprung!

Yah, well, whatever.  There comes a time in the realm of home decor when you have to draw a line in the sand.  It may not be Spring out there, but I am darn well gonna make it Spring INSIDE!

Splash around some green plants.

Put away those crocheted slip covers.

Spread around some Spring arrangements.

See my bunnies in there?

If you're not big on faux fleurs, go for the real thing.

These little guys are from Dollarama.  
Perfect Spring colour - super inexpensive.

I have a favourite picture that I only keep up in Winter - it is of children collecting fire wood - the replacement of that photo with this one is the official sign of Spring in my household.

Gorgeous green - welcome!