Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 8

To wrap up my month of dislike I bring you my number one pet peeve in the design world.

For this year, it's the hostess gift suggestions that have made it to my list.

Now I dunno about you, but none of my guests have ever brought me a $75 Waterford crystal bowl to thank me for having them over know, pizza.

House Beautiful

But sure enough, there it is listed as "The perfect hostess gift".  

Or how about this handmade platter for $194?
It's from Paris.

This soup tureen is a handy suggestion.
You should consider grabbing one next time you go to a friend's for supper.
It's a steal at $295.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 7 (with a small departure out of home decor)

Don't hate me.

I have no idea who of my friends has these.  And I really don't have a super reason for disliking them so much.

I'd like to be all honourable and tell you it's because the evil villain in Dexter (played by John Lithgow) used them to snag his next victim...

but in truth, while I agree they have a potential to cause a risk, 
I don't think it's that likely that stick people are dangerous.

I just don't like them.

What I did find hilarious when I saw them in real life the other day, were these.



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 6

Nearly a year ago I read this quote by David Netto in my House Beautiful magazine:

"Whenever I see throw pillows with that meticulous karate chop on top I think someone's trying too hard."

I didn't know what he meant...until I continued turning the pages of my magazine.  
And then I noticed something I'd never noticed before.

House of Turquoise

He's right!  

House of Turquoise

They're everywhere!

And now I cannot stop noticing!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 5

During our living room renovation I did a lot of research to try to figure out how I could set up more than one seating area and yet have them connect nicely.

For awhile I thought that a bench was the answer.

So pretty, right?
But when you think about it realistically, WHO is wanting to sit there?

This just cannot be comfy.
Unless you're lying down.

You might bounce right off this guy.

So, the bench, as a solution for flow between seating areas, is definitely a thing I do not love.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 4

Well, since it's nearly the 14th, I don't see how I can be all nasty.

So instead here's my current LOVE in the house decor department.

~Chalk Markers~

These are from Michael's and they are just fantastic.  
They are really easy to write with and leave beautiful crisp lines that wash off nicely.

You can choose from a variety of colours.  
I highly recommend them if you have chalkboards anywhere in the house.

And I'm pretty mushy over these guys.

And this one.

The guy on the right I mean.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 3

Ahhh the starburst.  

I think I might have liked it.  Even loved it.  
Had it not showed up on every wall in every photo of every magazine for the past year or two.

I am just so sick of them.  

I do not want from from EQ3.

Not from Pier 1.

And I can assure you I do not want a whole wall of them.
Nor do I want one made from skewers or clothespins or twigs or wooden pegs or any other number of ideas that you can find if you google "DIY starburst mirror".


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 2


Maybe the dislove begins with me not knowing how to pronounce it.

But it continues with its geometric designs...

House of Turquoise

 its fuzzy blurry edges...

via JZ

and my dislove of Ikat ends with the fact that it will not go away.

Good Housekeeping
Make it stop!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Things I Do Not Love

Welcome to Things I Do Not Love 2014.

If you missed my TIDNL posts from last year, basically this is the month where rather than getting all mushy gushy lovey dovey (not that I don't enjoy mush gush), 
I will instead list out the stuff in the design world that causes me grief.  

Much more fun to discuss really.

Here we go!

I saw these while out shopping the other day.

Yep.  Skulls.  
I just don't like them.

Not as salt and pepper.

market place advisor

Not as coffee table decor.

Made By Girl 

And I'm willing to admit this seems a bit hypocritical since I do have dead animal heads in my house, but somehow human skulls cross a line for me.
What can I tell you?